Where it all started.

Where it all started. Harry’s 9 months old now, and a lot has happened in the last 9 months. From my last post its clear I have a passion for fitness and being a family man. But a little over 9 months ago, it was just me and Chloe. So where did it all begin.

Chloe and I had been thinking of having kids early into our marriage as we liked the idea of being young parents, so we both decided it would be good for Chloe to come off birth control soon after we got married in September 2016, little did we know how quickly it would all happen.


Rewind back to November 2016 we had recently moved back to Cumbria from Scotland where we had both been working and we settled back in our home city. This was always a plan for us both as we are real home birds.

After the mayhem of moving house Christmas was quickly round the corner, and routinely we spent that with family. We saw in the new year quietly as usual.

Start of a new year and things got interesting…….

Chloe had been going on about getting a dog for ages, stick with me here I’ve not went off track!

Like me Chloe has no patience, so she quickly found the perfect little white labrador puppy and within a few week he was ours. We named him Winston. He was like our first little child, we went out a got him loads of little treats and toys and did everything possible to make our home comfortable for him.

So as Winston was settling into his new home, and Chloe and I were settling into being parents to a little pup, things quickly came to a halt.

1 week after getting Winston and only 3 months after Chloe stopping birth control. We were pregnant.

Chloe came rushing down the stairs to tell me she’d taken a pregnancy test and it was positive! From the first thing I said to Chloe I was in shock and naturally you’d think this would be followed with love and joy, No.

I have never put my trainers on so quickly and rushed out the house to the shop to get as many pregnancy tests as I could! I wanted to make damn sure she was right! I know I said we’ve always wanted to be parents but I didn’t realise how nervous I would actually be.

As I rushed back home I got Chloe to take another 3 tests, all immediately came up positive. It started to sink in, I was nervous and excited, Chloe was overjoyed, this is all she has ever wanted, I knew at this point she would make the best mother to our child.

Me? I was still sh*tting my pants!

Over time it began to sink in, we announced the news to our family and friends who were all happy for us. It still didn’t feel real. Chloe really struggled with pregnancy and was sick from about week 8 all the way through to week 24. Now I’m not one for sick people because it makes me sick and I’m the first to admit I wasn’t the most helpful husband during this time.


Lucky for me I guess, the last 3 months of Chloe’s pregnancy I was away with work midweek so I missed a lot of the head in the toilet times. Not so lucky for her. Thankfully family were close by so she was never far from support.

As men we can’t do much really during pregnancy. Certainly I felt like a spare part at times, I knew that I had to be at Chloe’s beckon call but even though I did everything to help, it still didn’t feel like I was doing the right thing. At the time I didn’t feel it but this is totally normal. Chloes patience was thin, and that’s to be expected when your carrying another human in you, so no wonder the little annoying things I did were amplified!

If your a father, you’ll totally understand what I’m saying, if your going to become a father, then take note, it’s a rough ride, and your priorities need to take a back seat, but it gets bettter, a lot better!!

9 months flew by! Everyone always says how quick it goes, but until it happens to you, you’ll never believe it.

The morning of October 9th 2017, Chloe woke me up around 0730 to tell me she thought she was having contractions, (after being up since 5.30am googling whether or not they were contractions) seconds later; I was back askeep.

A few hours passed and Chloe and I got up as usual, the pains she was having hadn’t gone! Oh no! Is this real? I thought to myself.

As the day went on the contractions got closer, the pain got worse. About 5pm i took the decision to take Chloe to hospital, the whole drive there she experienced agonising contractions, it felt like the longest 3 mile drive of my life.

Shortly after we arrived at hospital we got our room and 4 hours later Harry arrived, all 7lbs 3oz of him.

It still wasn’t real. I got a few hours with Chloe and Harry before having to go home for the night, that was the weirdest feeling going back home without Chloe, knowing the next time she comes home, it will be with our son, and from that moment I knew our life’s would never be the same again.

Up until Harry was born I was really active and eating really well. This all took a hit when he arrived. Totally worth it!

But, and its a big BUT, its amazing how quickly eating bad and not getting exercise takes it toll on you. Obviously physically, but mentally as well. And this is the big reason I wanted to start this blog. I love fitness, and I love my family! And I genuinely feel I have found the right balance between both.

So like iv touched on in the previous post, this blog will follow my life as a dad, what Chloe, Harry and I get up to on our little adventures, but it will also delve into food and my relationship with food and how I manage to prepare healthy, quick, great tasting meals for the whole family, and finally how I manage to keep fit through quick and effective workouts!

I will also be putting out a Vlog on youtube, this will include our family adventures, training and quick, healthy recipes for you to try.

Please feel free to leave a comment and make sure to subscribe.

Thanks for reading.



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