‘I don’t have the willpower to eat well or exercise’

Willpower, its in us all, each and every one us of has a drive within us to do something, whether that be working long nights to get a project done, or making the effort to get out of bed in the morning to go out for a run, whatever it may be, it takes a little bit of willpower.

Im not one to preach about how easy it is to get up at 5am to go to the gym, or how easy it is to take time out of your day to spend on the tasks that you don’t really want to do, because its not easy. The only reason I’m up at 5am is because Harrys is awake shouting ‘Dada’, that or Chloe is kicking me to get up so she can have a rare lie in.

So is willpower the only thing holding you back? Most likely. Of course there are other factors within everyones life that they may feel are holding them back from achieving their goals, but with a little bit of willpower, they can achieve whatever they want to. 

Where do people fall short of their goals? They put all their eggs on one basket. They think its all or nothing. And naturally there will be pitfalls. Its all well and good having a plan, but what do they do when that plan fails, do they have a plan B or do they give up? Do they have the willpower to carry on.

Think of this, do you need willpower to brush your teeth in the morning? No, and why is that? Because its habit, Do you need willpower to put clothes on everyday, no, because its habit. Learned behaviour becomes instinctive. 

Setup your routine, setup your day, setup your week to succeed at the goals you set yourself. Make it habit, use your willpower to make in instinctive.

Eating better and exercising definitely takes willpower. 


I mentioned before about putting all your eggs in one basket. What did I mean by that? Well when I was starting out eating right and trying my best to practice a healthy lifestyle, I didn’t go all in 100%. I slowly integrated a routine into my day. Firstly and probably the most important thing for me, is I worked out how much food I should actually be eating during the day. The internet is full of useful information about what to eat and when to eat it, but if you don’t know how much to eat then it can sometimes be a minefield. So working out your calories for the day is a good start. Something like MyFitnessPal is a good start.

Thats what I did initially. I was shocked at how much crap I was eating, and how many calories I was overeating! I thought to myself, well I exercise and I have an active job so I deserve the food. I was conscious not to overeat on sweets and chocolate but when it came to pasta and bread, I really overate. And simply tracking this told me I didn’t need it.

Once I knew this, it was easier to cut it out. As I lost the unnecessary calories I needed to make sure I had the right output of calories. What I mean by that is exercise. Currently I manage to exercise about 3 or 4 times a week. But I wanted to increase my output even more, but I didn’t have the time to go to the gym. So I changed little things about my lifestyle. For example parking further away from the city centre when heading into the shops so its further to walk, or when the baby asleep, sticking him in the pram and taking him out for a walk round the block. These little things can boost your non exercise energy expenditure. This all counts towards an overall calories deficit, and an overall win for your goal.

Lets jump back to taking baby steps, I mentioned MyFitnessPal, honestly just download the app, and track what you eat for the week, knowingly aware of what calories you should be having and naturally you’ll begin to eat a little less if you’ve been over eating, and if you’ve been under eating then thats just brilliant, more food for you!

Week 2! Find foods you love, not pizza and chips, be real, find healthy sensible good tasting foods and being to eat more of them. Replace the sugar filled drinks with zero calorie versions. Begin to exercise if you haven’t been already. Don’t go overboard. If you’re new to exercise then id suggest getting a gym induction, find your feet and start out a few days a week. Don’t jump into getting a personal trainer just yet!

So you’ve been eating a little better and beginning to exercise. Now these new things in your life are slowly becoming routine, naturally you don’t feel uncomfortable going to the gym, and you feel great eating good food. Its not long before you will see improvements. 


As the weeks roll on your need for willpower will fade and your instinct takes over and replaces what one was willpower. They say it takes 66 days to create a habit. It sounds like a long time. But how many times have you said ‘This time i’ll do it” or ‘i’ll start next Monday’. I bet that more than 66 days has passed between you saying that. 

And you know what, if you don’t succeed the first time. It doesn’t matter, because there another 66 days ahead of you and theres always another chance. Whatever is may be. Theres always other opportunities. 

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