Preparing for our first holiday!

Our first holiday as a family! Time to start preparing, wow, this is a bit overwhelming! Okay so what do we do……just an easy all inclusive somewhere or do we stay in the UK so we aren’t too far away from home? Questions, questions, questions.

Chloe and I had no idea what we wanted to do. I love the sun, can’t get enough of it, Chloe on the other hand, she’s not so keen, so we have dividing opinions and usually its always me that gets to choose. So this time round, and for our first holiday as a family, it was up to Chloe.


Recently Chloe has been doing some research about driving holidays and wanted some independence with our first family holiday and decided that we are only going to get that if we are on our own time. So the decision was made. Lets drive somewhere.


So what are the plans you ask? Well iv been to France before but never driven, Chloe has been before and driven, so she has a good idea of where to head for. Now this may not sound the most ideal plan with a 10 month old baby BUT, we have decided, along the way to stop at some of France’s most well known Champagne houses! Excited much!

Starting from Dover we will get the ferry across to Calais, passing through the champagne region stopping in Reims for one night and Lyon for one night with our final destination being a lovely AirB&B property 10 minutes away from St Tropez, this allows us to do day trips to Cannes and Monaco. On the way back up to Calais we will spend more time in Reims enjoying the Champagne houses and exploring the beautiful surroundings.

Once the route was planned it was very easy to then break up the journey and find hotels/B&Bs/AirB&Bs to stay in. We used sites such as, and airb& to book our accommodation. Since we are travelling with Harry we are making sure we won’t be driving for more then six hours, that is the longest stint from one hotel to another but we will obviously be stopping for breaks.

So, first family holiday, all very exiting, I know how to pack my speedo and a toothbrush, but what do we need to take for Harry!

Its hard enough going out for the day, you need spare clothes, nappies, wipes, food, more food, formula, bottles, toys, blankets…. the list goes on and we are going away for 10 days! So over the past few weeks every time we’ve been in the shop we have picked up the odd sachet of baby food and stocked up on extra formula, and made sure we have enough supplies to last us just in case. We know there are supermarkets in France but we want to enjoy ourselves and not spend time shopping for supplies. Thank god we have a roof box for the car!

Oh and his clothes!! Wow, I can fit 10 days of holiday clothes into a small holdall, but his wardrobe is fit for a prince! Admittedly he’s going to look good, but I definitely wont be getting great gas mileage with all his stuff with us! We, well Chloe has picked out some lovely outfits from a range of shops Next, Trotters, Joules, Little Valentines Childrenswear and Loulous Boutique, which are some of our favourite places to get Harrys clothes.


So we are slowly beginning to have clothes and food stockpiled ready for our trip, but another thing to remember, and what a hurdle this was……..Passports! Okay I know you maybe don’t need a passport for travelling to mainland Europe from the UK but we thought better be safe. So we got Harrys first passport, this was no easy task. After sending off the first lot of paperwork we had letters back asking for more information, we then had to send off our passports for proof we were who we were! So a word of warning, give yourself time for baby’s first passport before you jet off anywhere.

Another great essential to a lighter family holiday is an easy collapsable lightweight pram. Our main pram is a Bugaboo, but this takes up quite a lot of space. We decided that getting something smaller would be a lot better for our travels. We went for the Mamas and Papas Urbo Bug buggy. Its really light and folds up very easy.


Along with the pram it would be good to invest in a pram fan especially since it will be so warm, you can pick these up off Ebay or Amazon.


Also added to our list of essentials is a Pop up Sun tent, we found one on Ebay for £10 including delivery. Its UV protected lightweight cover is great for use on the beach or out for a picnic. And if you can, grab a blow up ring with a canopy for the little one to splash about with in the pool while staying in the shade! Again, no need to go wild, you can pick these up on Amazon or Ebay for less than £20.

It is also best to take some Milton Tabs as they are quick and convenient to sterilise bottles along with your bottle brush and washing up liquid.

Okay, clothes, food, passports, prams, what more! Of course, driving abroad, here’s a quick tick list of things your going to need.

  • GB sticker for your car
  • Two disposable breathalysers (These may come in handy in the Champagne region)
  • Euro breakdown cover
  • Check your insurance covers you abroad
  • Headlight beam deflectors (if your car cant auto adjust)
  • Warning triangle
  • High visibility jacket
  • Spare bulbs for your car

Phew, road trip holiday planned and prepped.

This is our first family holiday, we could be taking more then we need but this is what we will figure out and we are driving so don’t have a weight restriction so happy to take everything that we think we need. Chloe did loads of research about ‘how to travel with babies’ and ‘what to take on holiday with babies’ and she struggled to find a lot of information. So whilst we are away I plan on taking the camera and Vlogging our experience as we go, we will also update you on the items we took and let you know how we get on! So I hope you can tune in to check it out.

As always head over to Instagram @thefitfatherblog and stay tuned for upcoming YouTube content.





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