UFit Plant powered protein drink review

If you’ve never heard of UFit, then maybe should have! UFit make high protein based drinks and foods aimed at consumers wanted a great tasting healthy option to nutrition.

My good friends at UFit sent out a goodie package the other day containing their new plant powered protein drink. In particular this one is coco and coconut flavoured, or coco-choc as its labelled.

But first, a little back story or UFit,

UFit are based in Marlow in Buckinghamshire, England. They have an 8 strong team. The company was started nearly 6 years ago by 3 of the team, all from different backgrounds, but collectively having over 25 years experience between them working for major brand like MaxiMuscle and Evian. So they know there stuff! The team began working hard to build a solid brand based of their core values and  around 4 years ago UFit was born.

They are now the number one selling Protein drink the major British retailer Tesco! How cool is that! 


There’s a plethora of ‘on the go’ ready made protein drinks out there, the market is flooded with them. UFit are one of the few who have successfully managed to get theirs into the fridges are majors retailers such as Tesco. So its likely you’ll have seen them kicking about.

Now Iv been drinking protein drinks for years, wether that be powders of store bought ready made ones, some are great and some I wouldn’t even feed to the dog! So there is a lot to be said for a drink that is nutritionally balanced, and tasted great. We’ve all had a protein shake before that the first few mouthfuls are ok, but toward the end your holding your nose to get the last little bit chugged down!

So lets get down to it!


This bottle looks great, coming in at 310ml its labelling is eye catching at first! Clearly its Green and brown theme runs true to UFits ‘Plant powered’ idea. its like something you’d drink on a jungle expedition! The majority of UFits drinks are bold and bright and always have a large numerical figure pointing out their protein content. So if your cravings protein, this beauty comes in at 15g per serving, which is more than suitable.

Its marked clearly and showing its Lacto-free, non added sugar, non dairy vegan friendly! So no more taking your magnifying glass to the store to check if your products fit your needs.


The nutritional label is clear, and concise. Again its not small so its easy to read and packed with the facts you want to know.

Its got an easy twist cap and a sealed aluminium tab for freshness!

Overall the packaging is great the label is bright and its straight to the point.



I alluded to this a little in my intro, but taste is a big thing for anyone in the protein shake game. Okay its great getting some packed with protein and low in calories, but if it doesn’t taste good, I’m not drinking it!

This coco-choc version is amazing, I could be bias because I love chocolate and I love coconut!

But its not overpowering in either taste, its subtle hints of each complement each other really well. The drinks not too thick and not to runny, its smooth and there wont ever be a worry for lumps.

My opinion on taste really doesn’t need to be dragged out! It tastes great! That’s it! Iv tried one at room temperature and iv always tried once chilled, and both I can honestly say taste great!



This isn’t the first time i’v tried UFits products. Iv has their protein coffee before and have used that a good few times as an ‘on the go’ shake instead of grabbing a shake and a coffee! Total time saver.

This is however my first experience with non diary, lacto free, vegan friendly products. Admittedly I was a bit sceptical. I thought it may be missing something, but its truly not! The only thing that’s missing is more of these drinks on my fridge!

I love it! UFit you’ve done a great job, you’ve combined all the things that a nutritional focused consumer wants and bottled it in a 310ml’s of joy – Well done.


Thanks for reading folks, look out for plenty more healthy food and drink reviews, as always check out Instagram @thefitfatherblog and also my YouTube channel The Fit Father for quick and easy workouts you can do at home!



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